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Agial Clinics

Agial Clinics

IVF Clinic

Agial’s IVF lab is considered one of the best and latest labs specialized in treating couples infertility in Egypt and the Middle East. We have a group of specialized doctors and qualified technicians, supervised by Dr Hisham Saleh Prof of ob/gyn in faculty of medicine Alexandria University, who achieved high success rates in IVF and artificial insemination with hundreds of cases in Egypt and abroad.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Is the medical specialty concerned with female medical issues. Obstetrics is concerned with pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Gynecology deals with diseases affecting the female genital system. During pregnancy the ob/gyn is responsible for the health of both the mother and her baby, and must treat the mother while avoiding any side effects on her child. The ob/gyn delivers the baby (cesarean or natural) and makes sure the mother returns back to her normal state after birth through periodic examinations.
Agial’s clinics offer a calm and soothing atmosphere during the doctor’s examination. Also we offer a wide range of preventative tests, conservative and surgical examinations for the mother and her child by specialized doctors.

Agial Clinics
وحدة الاورام النسائية

Agial oncology unit is an integrated unit where we provide services such as early detection, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological oncology and breast tumors. The unit also provides all medical analysis and scans.

Gynecological Oncology Clinic for early detection, diagnosis, treatment of:
-Ovarian cancer
-Uterine cancer
-Cervical cancer
-Fallopian tube cancer
-Vaginal cancer
-Vulvar cancer

Breast Oncology Clinic:
-Early detection of breast tumors
-Surgery of benign and malignant breast tumors
-Follow-up and treatment of breast inflammations, breast pain and breast cysts

Andrology Clinic

Andrology is a recent and fast-developing medical specialty. It deals with, not only male urological diseases that require surgical interventions or conservative treatments but also involved in the male sexual health whether curative or preventative through:

Agial Clinics
Agial Clinics


This is concerned with all the medical issues that face a child while still a fetus. A pediatrician’s role is not only to treat and protect the child from susceptible diseases, but also to follow up the growth and the healthy development of body functions and make sure there are no genetic defects or disorders. Also the pediatrician must follow up the child’s nutrition and ensure the arrival of all the essential nutrients of every age.


Agial Clinics
Agial Clinics

Pediatric Surgery

This clinic is concerned with the condition of the fetus before birth, through the diagnosis of any fetal abnormalities that may appear on the fetus, and after birth, by surgically dealing with any issue or malfunction that may appear as soon as possible to ensure proper and healthy growth of the baby.

From the surgical problems dealt by pediatric surgery: undescended testis, appendicitis, different types of hernia, bow problems, blockage of the excretory channels and circumcision. Tumors pediatric surgery is one of the most important branches of pediatric surgery that is concerned with the diagnosis and removal of tumors in children.


Agial Clinics
Agial Clinics

General Internal Medicine Clinic

One of the widest medical field which involve several medical branches, the doctor of internal medicine is considered responsible for the complete checkup of the patient. This includes the follow up of prominent diseases such as diabetes, endocrine diseases, hypertension, liver, gastrointestinal diseases, pulmonary diseases, rheumatism and fevers plus managing chronic cases in different age stages and for both genders.

Breast Feeding

Despite the common use of instant formula milk lately and the decrease of breastfeeding mothers, international awareness to support breastfeeding has increased due to the major benefits to the mother and baby that come only from breastfeeding.

Agial Clinics


 the latest in neurosurgical care, including lifesaving, technically demanding procedures that help adults and children with complex and serious conditions.

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