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Welcome to Agial Hospital your 1st choice for you and your Baby.

Agial Hospital is a leader in the provision of health care services for Women, Founded in 2009, Equipped with the latest medical technologies, and Attracted distinguished senior physicians from the most ranked universities and hospitals all over Egypt, and very well trained nurses and supporting team.


the undertaking of Agial laboratories is to enhance health via supplying medical laboratory testing offerings, such as enormously state-of-the-art techniques for the prevention, early evaluation, and complete management of complicated persistent disorder by means of well-timed, accurate, and reliable with reasonable value, research, and help offerings to assist physicians to quickly obtain the important and essential data they need to guide their sufferers to proper management decisions.



Agial’s IVF lab is considered one of the best and latest labs specialized in treating couples infertility in Egypt and the Middle East. We have a group of specialized doctors and qualified technicians, supervised by Dr Hisham Saleh Prof of ob/gyn in faculty of medicine Alexandria University, who achieved high success rates in IVF and artificial insemination with hundreds of cases in Egypt and abroad.

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Is the medical specialty concerned with female medical issues? Obstetrics is concerned with pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care. Gynecology deals with diseases affecting the female genital system. During pregnancy, the ob/GYN is responsible for the health of both the mother and her baby and must treat the mother while avoiding any side effects on her child.


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Infectious Disease Physician

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